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How To Lighten and Smoothen Your Elbows and Knees

Elbows and knees are the hardest and darkest regions in the human body. These small areas can make your skin look completely unattractive. But you deserve soft and fair skin. So we research and gather the best tips for you to achieve the skin that you desire, listed below.

Exfoliate Your Skin

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Although skin exfoliation seems daunting for many people, but this highly is beneficial. It helps to remove dead skin cells in areas of the body, such as elbows and knees. It helps the skin to become soft and smooth. You don’t need a very thorough exfoliating scrub. A simple product that can do the work will do.

However, you can create your exfoliating scrub too. Honey, oatmeal, and yogurt are said to be the best at exfoliating scrub if you mix them. This helps removes dead skin cells and moisturizes the skin deeply.

Choose an Effective Moisturizer

Look for a moisturizing product that contains an ingredient that can moisturize your skin and helps lighten up your skin tone. Elements such as Extrapone Nutgrass, Phytessence Wakame, and Maracuja can help you get the proper moisturizing nutrients.

Extrapone Nutgrass is an exploitation plant that can restrain melanin production by up to 47%. This can lead to increased strength, and making your dark elbows and knees become fairer and lighter. It also contains ingredients that can reduce the excessive dryness of the skin. On the other hand, Phytessence Wakame is a type of seaweed that can stop the decomposition of acids, such as Hyaluronic acid. This acid is essential for the lubrication of collagen and elastin. Maracuja can also help the skin by hydrating the skin. Maracuja is a fruit that can mainly found in Brazil. It has the ability to perform the moisture-retaining functions of the skin.

Consider Using Alum

Crystal alum can be purchased in a pharmacy or wellness shop. You can grind it or pound it up. Moisten the dark part of your skin- elbows and knees- and rub the powder. This is a good exfoliating and lightening treatment. You can add alum powder to your cream or lotion. Apply to affected areas of the skin.

papaya and mashed papaya with brush

Massage with Mashed Papaya

Mature papaya contains bleaching enzymes. This can help in making your skin tone fair. It also has beta carotene, which can help repair damaged skin cells and tissues. Trying to massage mashed papaya will probably nourish the skin.

Mix Vitamin E and Pearl Powder

The pearl powder contains whitening properties. This can easily lighten the skin tone and reduce the damage on your knees and elbows. Vitamin E oil, however, can help to moisturize the skin. It can fight and replenish together with the effects of harmful free radicals.

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Health Tips When Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos have become prevalent in contemporary society with many individuals indulging in the practice due to several reasons such as beauty. Nevertheless, despite the massive embracement of tattoos, it has also presented with several health complications such as allergic reactions to the inks, blood-borne diseases, and skin infections, among others. Thus, it is essential to be precautious when getting a tattoo as elaborated in the below paragraphs.

a person with a back tattooConsultation & Information Gathering

This is an important health tip to consider before getting a james rolfe tattoo. First, it is essential to consult a dermatologist regarding an individual’s skin condition as well as allergic reactions to certain chemicals to ensure that the tattoo process, as well as the chemicals, would not result in skin infections or allergic reactions. Moreover, it is vital that one researches for the best tattoo parlor around with a fully licensed tattoo artist who has experience in the art. This would reduce the chances of the artist making mistakes, for instance, hygiene wise. Finally, it would also be important to seek advice from a friend or family member to reaffirm the decision since in the case of a permanent tattoo; it is something one lives with hence if the decision is hastily made, some emotional problems might occur.

Use of Proper Chemicals & Equipment

It is important to get acquainted with the chemicals and material components of the inks used to prevent scenarios of allergic reactions when one has a pre-existing condition. It is also essential to make sure that the inks are commercially accepted. The machines used should also be standard to reduce cases of sloppiness such as blood splattering which can contribute to infections.

tattoo gadgetHygiene at the Parlor

Maintenance of hygiene is also a crucial aspect when considering one’s health. Therefore, it would be best to ensure that the tattoo artist is using sterile disposable gloves as well as towels for each client to minimize infection spread. It would also be preferable to adopt an artist using throw away kits each packaged, dated, and sealed with disposable needles and tubes proving their sterility. Moreover, before beginning the work, the artist should clean unsterile surfaces that they may touch in the process of tattooing with bleach or commercial disinfectants to make them sterile.

Finally, since throw away kits are often expensive, artists using non-disposable equipment might apply the use of autoclave to sterilize the equipment when transitioning from one client to the other. These hygiene measures would prevent the spread of infections.

Proper Aftercare

Finally, an individual must be conversant with aftercare practices such as moisturizer application, keeping the tattoo clean, avoiding certain practices such as sunbathing and swimming until the tattoo is properly healed. This is because, after the process, the tattooed area is like a wound and requires proper care which, when not provided, might result in a health complication.

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Why You Should Use Anti-aging Creams On Your Skin

Most people never want to look old because of sagging skin. You want to remain youthful and your skin glowing like that of a baby. Sometimes, your skin may look older than your age because of several reasons. This may be because of the environmental conditions which may not be suitable for your skin. Therefore, if you want to attain a smooth and well-toned skin that is not saggy, you can consider using anti-aging products on your skin. The products will help you in various ways as discussed in this article.

Reduce Appearances Of Winkles

wrinkled faceWhen one is aging, the possibility of developing wrinkles is very high. At times even people who are young may develop wrinkles. Therefore, if you have wrinkles and want to do something about your wrinkles, it is important that you consider using the anti-aging creams. You don’t have to undergo the painful surgeries that some people undergo. However, some anti-aging creams will not get rid of the wrinkles but will only try to reduce how they appear. This is because not all the creams are created equal, and every cream has its degree of performance. It will be therefore crucial that you consider finding a cream that is known to offer the results you are looking for.

Aids in the Removal of Dead Skin

Dead skin is always with us, and it needs to be removed if you want to get the best skin that is smooth and shiny. Therefore, if you are looking forward to eliminating the dead skin on your body, you should consider using anti-aging creams. The creams have been considered the best option for getting rid of dead skin. All you will need to do is follow the instructions as given.

Aids in Moisturizing the Skin

moisturized skinIn case you have dry skin, then your skin needs to be moisturized. Therefore, you will need to use a moisturizer on your skin. The best way to moisturize your skin is by using anti-aging cream. Your skin will look much better after you have used an anti-aging cream. All you will be required to put in mind is take time to find a good cream which has the ability to offer moisturizing effects.

Helps in Firming and Tightening the Skin

Anti-aging creams are known to offer a tight skin and firm skin after you have used them on your skin. A tight and firm skin will leave you looking younger and beautiful. You don’t need the expensive surgeries if you are looking for tight and firm skin. Just get a good anti-aging cream and use it on your skin.


Safe anal lightening option

Anal Lightening is a cosmetic treatment for improving the looks of the skin around your anus. There are salons where you can go and receive a rectal lightening treatment, but they can be extremely expensive, and it will require that you trust a stranger with a private part of your body.

Cosmetic procedures have, indeed, become very popular. Anal lightening can definitely make you feel clean and more confident. And it isn’t only for models, as they are not the only ones who badly need it. In fact, thousands of men and women are doing this procedure nowadays.

Anal bleaching can be as effective and safe as the other cosmetic treatments you had only if you follow the right procedure.

The following are some common safe anal lightening option and procedures:

1. Identify the cause of discoloration first.

bikiniYou should know the cause of anal discoloration before you get the procedure done. Ensure that the discoloration is not caused by any medical conditions like Contact dermatitis. Consult your dermatologist and allow him or her to take a look at the skin before requesting for bleaching procedure. If you are a candidate, your dermatologist will recommend it to you. Otherwise, you will be given the needed treatment first.

2. Do not use products containing hydroquinone.

You should consider the ingredienst to be used during the anal bleaching procedure. Check if the creams or bleaching gel contain hydroquinone, one of the harsh ingredients commonly used in making anal creams. Products that contain hydroquinone may have side effects such as liver damage and thyroid problems. Ask your doctor if the procedure uses natural ingredients or mild chemicals at least.

3. Follow your doctor’s prescription and instruction

As simple and quick as it seems, anal bleaching requires preparation and aftercare. Some dermatologists recommend that the area should be clean and dry. After which, your doctor may also recommend using aftercare products for maintenance. Use only the products recommended by your doctor and inform him immediately if you experience irritation or other unwanted side effects.

4. Do not settle for the cheapest anal bleaching procedure.

bikiniBecause anal bleaching is rising in popularity, expect that a lot of skin care businesses are now offering such procedure. The cost of the procedure is what usually attracts most people. When you’re going for this procedure, make sure that you don’t compromise quality with price.